Greedy Algorithms Gym 1

Introductory Greedy Algorithms Contest

This contest is unrated as it's meant to reinforce what we learn in the seventh session. These problems are intended to be fairly straightforward and are all solved with a Greedy approach.

Feel free to ask us questions during the contest and online in our Discord. This is all about learning.


Problems will be of the following form: 4 problems applying what was done in class


This contest will be available until the next training session where we'll recap the questions.

When the contest is closed questions will become available for free-practice along with your submissions.

Have fun


Problem Points AC Rate Users
Twin Lunch 1 40.6% 11
Maxi Taxi 1 18.3% 13 Editorial
Cow Dating 1 22.2% 2
The Maddest Hatter 1 23.8% 3


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