About PCS

UWA Programming Competition Society

We are a UWA Guild-affiliated club with the objective of promoting competitive programming and broader computer science, informatics, and mathematics education. To this end we run a number of educational and social events including weekly training sessions, technical interview training, and more. If you have an interest in competitive programming, or just learning advanced algorithms, you will fit right in.

You can find a calendar with our upcoming events here.


We believe that programming contests are an ideal way to learn and enjoy advanced concepts in computer science. The biggest competition we take part in is the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest, and have done well in recent years, sending teams to the ICPC World Finals five times in the last six seasons. We also compete in the ANZAC competitions, Google CodeJam, and other contests. We even run our own contests through this website. See A plus B for an introductory problem, or have a look through our problem archive. Of course, participation in these competitions is entirely optional, and not a required part of attending our training sessions or other events.


Training sessions are currently held on Tuesdays from 4:00 to 5:30 pm in the CSSE Seminar Room 1.24, and we run casual study and solve sessions every Friday from 2:30 to 4:00 pm


Our members share a common interest in computer science education and competitive programming. Membership is not required to take part, but is highly encouraged. We do not believe in restricting access to education, so our educational events are open to non-members. Our social events and any other membership benefits are restricted to paying members. Membership is $5 to Guild members and $10 to non-Guild members. You can sign up at pcs.org.au/join. If you wish to become a paying member, find a way to give your money to a committee member, otherwise you will just be added to our mailing list and we will keep you up to date about club activities.


You can join our Discord channel and have a chat.

If you have any questions please contact us via uwapcs@gmail.com.

We also have a GitHub organization where you can find our meeting minutes, constitution, and more.