Weapons of mass distraction

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Points: 1
Time limit: 1.0s
Memory limit: 512M

Problem types

Gozz has decided that simply ruling PCS and UCC isn't enough, he wants to rule the entire planet! He has discovered the location of a bomb making facility that he plans to infiltrate to steal their technology to create an unstoppable army of bomb-dropping drones!

The plan to get in is relatively simple. The facility makes bombs in batches and drops them in specific locations around a room. The bombs are circular and have a center and a radius, and if they touch each-other, then they will blow a hole in the wall and allow Gozz to infiltrate the facility. Unfortunately for Gozz, there's a program monitoring the planned drop locations of each bomb and halting the production for the day so that a fix can be made if a collision is detected. But never one to give up, Gozz finds a bug in the code that is in his favour. The last bomb that gets placed for the day doesn't get monitored by the program, so if the last bomb of the day collides with another bomb in the room, Gozz has a way in!

Note that two bombs are considered to be touching if they touch at an edge, or overlap. Also, if the safety system detects any collision, then, even if the last bomb would collide, production is halted, and all collisions are then fixed.

Ever the busy man, Gozz needs a program to parse through the facilities bomb making schedules and output whether a collision would happen, be safely stopped by the monitoring program, or whether no collision would happen.

Input Specification

The first line contains a single integer \(N\) (\(1 \leq N \leq 10\)) the number of bombs The next \(N\) lines contains three integers \(r, i, j\), where \(r\) (\(1 \leq r \leq 1000\)) is the radius of a bomb, \(i\) (\(0 \leq i \leq 1000\)) is the x-coordinate of the bomb and \(j\) (\(0 \leq j \leq 1000\)) is the y-coordinate of the bomb

Output Specification

On a single line print:

  • no collision if the bombs don't collide,
  • safely stopped collision if the bombs would collide but are stopped by the monitoring program or
  • collision if the bombs will collide

Sample Input 1

1 10 20
2 8 19

Sample Output 1


Sample Input 2

1 0 0
1 0 3
1 0 6
1 3 0
1 3 3
1 3 6
1 6 0
1 6 3
1 6 6

Sample Output 2

no collision

Sample Input 3

3 0 0
1 0 3
1 0 6
1 3 0
1 3 3
3 3 6
1 6 0
1 6 3
3 6 6

Sample Output 3

safely stopped collision


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