Bot or Doge?

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Points: 1
Time limit: 1.0s
Memory limit: 512M

Problem type

With the recent advancements in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, bots on Internet forums are more frequent and are getting harder and harder to distinguish from real people. Recently, a new type of bot has been released with an attempt to steal precious Dogecoin from the people they interact with.

Recently, Max was having a interesting discussion with someone on one of these Internet forums. This user claimed a new secret Quantum Computer with a large number of fully functioning Qubits was recently constructed. He/she suggested that it might be possible to implement Shoore's algorithm on the Quantum Computer to crack Dogecoin wallets. For those who don't know, Shor's algorithm provides a fast way to factorize integers into their prime factors, which is the basis of modern security, and more importantly: Dogecoin. Since Max is proficient in algorithms, this person is asking for Max to implement Shor's algorithm for this machine in order to crack private keys belonging to Dogecoin wallets. All Max has to do is agree and click on a URL to grant him access to this Quantum Computer, and in return Max will be rewarded with a large proportion of stolen Dogecoin.

Obviously since free Dogecoin is involved, Max is very interested. However, he is a bit hesitant. Max is aware of the bots plaguing these forums and is worried about losing his own Dogecoin by clicking this URL. He wants to make sure that the person on this forum is not a bot. Fortunately, Max knows that there is a simple pattern to how these bots are named. Specifically, if the number of unique characters in a username is odd, then this user is a bot, otherwise this user is a real person. You are given a string which denotes the username of the person who messaged Max, please help Max determine whether or not this user is a bot, so that he can potentially make some serious Doge.

Input specification

A single line containing a non-empty string of at most 100 characters. The string contains only lowercase English letters (a-z).

Output specification

If the user is a bot, please print BOT. Otherwise, if the user is a real person, please print DOGE. The output is case insensitive.

Example input


Example output


Example input


Example output



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