Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is a design event where participants (often in teams) work on some sort of software project. Usually hackathons have a particular focus or theme, such as using a specific programming language, API, or tackling a specific category of problem (e.g. in medical technology, tackling climate change, etc.). But largely, the scope is left broad so teams can develop what they want and to encourage creativity in ideation.

So what is the focus or theme of Hackarithms?

The theme of Hackarithms is to "apply algorithms to real world problems".

Wait so I can pick any problem and any algorithm?

Yes. As mentioned earlier, hackathons are generally left broad-scoped to encourage creativity. We don't want to see 10 versions of the same idea.

My personal portfolio site has a table that's sortable, and that's driven by some algorithm. Can I submit that for Hackarithms?

No for a couple of reasons. Firstly, only new projects that were developed entirely during the allocated time for Hackarithms will be eligible for prizes. Even if you aren't intending to aim for prizes, we encourage you to work on something new with your team. Secondly, part of the judging criteria will be assessing if your chosen algorithm is the core focus of your idea.

I literally have no idea where to start, help?!

Check out resources here for some tips on participating at hackathons, articles to read for inspiration, and some contact channels if you have any questions for us.

What if I'm only available for part of the hackathon?

That's fine, but it's polite to communicate that with your team so that they are aware.

Do I have to come to the welcome session?

No but we'll be giving an important overview of the event, tips for working on your project, introducing mentors and providing some light refreshments. It's also a great way to meet other people involved in the event and possibly find extra teammates.